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Technical characteristics

All our products are made from high pure alloy AlMgSi type,EN AW-6060(6063),according to SR EN 573-3,chemical composition guaranteed.After extruder,our profiles are hardened at 200 degree Celsius for homogenization,stabilization and increasing of mechanical caractersitics,same as for elimination of internal tensions.The minimal characteristics obtained answer to delivery status T6 (SR EN 515) and are,according to SR EN 755-2,as the following:

Tensile strength Rm 195....215 MPa
Elastic limit Rpo.2 150.......170MPa
Elongation A5o min 6%
Webster hardeness units 10...12

Inspection and delivery technical conditions are according to SF-2001 and SR EN 12020-1:2001.The profiles are painted ,after a corresponding chemical preparation of the surfaces,with powder paint in electrostatic field, with the color ordered by the client,but the profiles can be delivered both anodized and in natural color.
The profiles manufactured by our company have all the the technical characteristics,according to the international standards for this type of products,as:

-The quality of alloy used and the adequacy caloric treatments assure the certified mechanical characteristics;

-The 1,2 mm minimal wall thickness assure the needed endurance and stiffness, same as the posibility of assembling using self thread screws;

-The high precision extrusion assure very small tolerance for the sectional dimensions,linearity,convexity-concavity,assuring the righ joint and fitting;

-The chemical treatment of the surfaces ,using an up-to-date & ecological chemical translation technology ,the high quality painting with polyester powder in electrostatic field and the 60 ...80 µm minimal painting thickness (or the 15 µm of the anonized layer) assure the adhesivness and the endurance of the pellice for at least 10 years,without discoloration or exfoliation;

Carefully manufactured, sever quality control and a proper packing, that protects the products during the transportation and storage, eliminate the possibility of distortion and scratching.

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